ways to create a dedicated office space that will help you focus

It is easy to romanticize the idea of working from home; you think of the perks of not having to commute to and from work, less wasted time in meetings, being able to wear sweatpants all day, and having the flexibility and autonomy over your schedule.

Why you need a dedicated office space

However, what many don’t realize is that the novelty of working from home will wear off at some point, sooner rather than later, and that most people find that although home is comfortable, it may be that much harder to focus and be efficient with their work in such a familiar and relaxed environment.

In this article, we will discuss five ways that you can create a dedicated office space for yourself that will help you focus, be more efficient, and, most importantly, help you enjoy your working-from-home lifestyle.

Create your own private space

Some employers require remote employees to have a dedicated room wherein they can do their work without being interrupted or distracted, and this is for good reason. When you are working from home, the interruptions of family members and distractions of comforts like entertainment or eating whenever you want will break your focus and negatively affect your ability to complete tasks.

By creating a dedicated, private office space, you will minimize the interruptions you experience throughout your working day. Be sure to let your family members know that they are helping you focus by minimizing disruption as much as possible.

Soundproof to help you focus.

We are easily distractable beings. Sound that is in the wrong place or at the wrong time is just noise, and noise is very distracting. There are ways to minimize the noise that you hear in your private study; these include:

addressing the source of noise: if your neighbor plays loud musAddressingwork hours, it could be as simple as having a conversation about it

Soundproofing your private office space: if you are going all out and building your office, it is worth it to invest in high-quality building materials to help soundproof your walls, from dropped ceiling installation to reduce the noise from the floor above to superior plasterboard materials in the build. You could speak to a local plasterer about their recommendations, especially if you are in the design stage.

Noise-canceling headphones: headphones are not only for listening to music, but they can also be used as noise-canceling devices, wherein you could listen to alpha wave study music to promote concentration, or whatever floats your boat.

Clear your distractions

Rathe, rather than having to exercise your willpower multiple times in an hour, why not reduce your distractions by removing the source from your study?

Consider removing your phone, blocking social media from your desktop or work phone, removing distracting photos or posters, and creating a minimalistic, clean environment that is conducive to your most focused self.

Ergonomically designed office furniture

Working from home often involves a lot of time spent sitting down at a desk. Create an office set up that will protect your body from long-term damage from basetupure or straining positions.

Choose furniture that is ergonomically designed to promote your best self, including chairs that support good posture. These desks convert from sitting to standing to encourage circulation and flexibility, as well as keyboards that are designed for long term use.

The investment into quality ergonomically designed long-term furniture is well worth it, considering how many hours you will be using them. Just think of how much money you’ll save not buying lunch at work five times a week and invest that money into buying yourself good quality furniture.

Temperature control

Temperature control is an important factor to consider in designing your office. We are easily distracted if we are not comfortable; for example, if your office gets stuffy and too hot, you will find yourself frustrated, less patient, and less able to focus for long periods. Consider investing in a split system air-conditioning unit or a ceiling fan to promote air circulation, and the same goes for keeping warm. Invest in a heater that will encourage physical comfort without making you drowsy!


A dedicated office space designed to help you stay focused and efficient with your time and to help you enjoy your working-from-home lifestyle is well worth the time and resources working from home.

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