TMBS Ep08 – Bruce Billson

We’ve reached episode 8 of our podcast already and it’s thanks to your fantastic support so please keep on listening and subscribing. In this weeks episode we recap on our interview with Bruce Billson as well as reviewing a number of video pitches which Mark has received via YouTube.

Here are the 5 pitches we review this week:

1. Book Launch for Keynote Speaking

2. Online Teaching Program

3. Hand Moisturiser for Men

4. 3D SLIDA Puzzle

5. Animal Awareness System

Find out which pitches Mark invites into the studio to present his idea and which entrepreneur makes the mistake of not displaying his product effectively.

You also get the chance each week to send your questions through to Mark, here are this weeks:

I’m starting a crowd funding website, any tips to get ahead? I’m starting an online business but I’m scared to quit my job, any tips?

Listen out for Mark’s top tips for balancing risk whilst putting time into business.

Send your questions for next week via Twitter – #ASKMARKBOURIS via @MARKBOURIS

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