TMBS Ep12 – Apolon Ivankovic, Salome Borg, Maria Demasi & Chantal Hryniewski

An exciting announcement on the show this week for episode 12. Mark is launching Eagle’s Nest, a program to support and encourage entrepreneurs, offering a cash prize and technology packs. Tune in to find out if your video pitch was one of those reviewed. Also Mark’s tips on what to look for in a mentor and one his most influential films.

Here are the top pitches we review this week:

  1. Apolon Ivankovic – Torq software
  2. Salome Borg- Boom Payband
  3. Maria Demasi – Children’s author
  4. Chantal Hryniewski, Magnus Collective

Check out Salome here for an example of a great pitch:

Draft BoomPayBand Invite from Bec Davis TV on Vimeo.

We’ll be getting Salome into the studio soon to pitch to Mark in person so keep an eye on our podcast for updates.

We had so much to get through this week we didn’t manage to get any questions to Mark for the ASK MARK section but please do continue to send it your questions and we’ll get them to him as and when we can.

Send your questions for next week via Twitter – #ASKMARKBOURIS via @MARKBOURIS

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