This is the first edition of Mark Bouris’ new weekly podcast which will bring the Australian public a fresh view on the hot topics and challenges we face with the ever evolving financial climate. Mark will share his view on current news as well as talk business with a wealth of tips and knowledge to pass onto his listeners.

In this week’s edition we cover topics from interest rates, tax evasion and economic reform through to the GST and the Aussie dollar. You also get the chance each week to send your questions through to Mark, here are this weeks:

What is my biggest asset, my products or me? You’ve said be fearless not reckless, what is the difference? I have failed in other businesses, how do I know whether I should continue? The early starts, long days with no breaks in sight worry me, how do I know if I’m cut out for this? How important do you think family support is?

Listen out for Mark’s particularly brutal answer to question number 4 along with his personal insight into the importance of family support.

Send your questions for next week via Twitter – #ASKMARKBOURIS via @MARKBOURIS

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to subscribe on iTunes or via RSS in order to receive updates and notifications for upcoming episodes.

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