TMBS Ep20 – Eagle's Nest

Mark reviews your latest pitches for Eagle’s Nest. Listen to his views about whether working long hours is productive. Mark also reacts to claims we should ignore some feedback. Download this episode here

TMBS Ep19 – Todd Sampson

Tune is as Mark invites advertising guru and adventurer Todd Sampson to recount his fascinating journey, retraining his brain. Hear Todd how embraces his fear to overcome incredible physical feats and how this can be applied in business. Also on the show, an insight into how social media is being used to advertise. Download this…

TMBS Ep18 – Parking Meter Costs

A huge show for you, hear Mark’s scathing attack on local councils over parking meter costs. He calls for the $1 an hour revolution! Download this episode here

The Mark Bouris Show – EP 17

Tune in for Mark’s advice to entrepreneurs about how to balance passion with preparedness. What about those days you struggle to get motivated? Even Mark has them. Hear his advice about how to get on with the job. Mark shares his view on the decision by the big 4 banks to increase interest rates for…

TMBS Ep16 – Kate Dillon

Mark invited Kate Dillon from She Lion handbags pitch for Eagle’s Nest. Tune in for his advice on breaking into this competitive market. Does creativity really lead to innovation? Plus more of your questions answered by Mark. See Kate’s pitch below and Mark’s feedback: Download this episode here

Your Brain at Work

Mark would like to share the below article from the Harvard Business Review.

TMBS Ep15 – Roger Sciberras, Roger Sciberras – Gallantoro, Alex Brownbill & Maria Simonelli

After reviewing this week’s most important economic data, Mark gave his insight into the Greece crisis and its implications for us in Australia. Tune in to hear his solution. Hear his advice as he reviews the latest video pitches, for the Eagle’s Nest program. Check out this weeks pitches here below: Roger Sciberras – Gallantoro…

TMBS Ep14 – Richard De Crespigny

On Mark’s latest podcast, he has an in depth interview with Pilot Captain Richard De Crespigny. Captain De Crespigny saved the lives of 469 people, safely landing a Qantas A380, after an engine exploded four minutes after take-off. The Captain shares his insights into crisis management, leadership, neuroscience and how robots will impact employment in…

TMBS Ep13 – Ed Cowan & Salome Borg

Mark launched Eagle’s Nest, his own exciting program to encourage and support start ups and entrepreneurs. The first two guests Ed Cowan of Tripod Coffee and Salome Borg from Boom Payband, met Mark in the studio, pitched their brands and received invaluable advice. Mark gives you his take on the financial crisis in Greece and…

TMBS Ep12 – Apolon Ivankovic, Salome Borg, Maria Demasi & Chantal Hryniewski

An exciting announcement on the show this week for episode 12. Mark is launching Eagle’s Nest, a program to support and encourage entrepreneurs, offering a cash prize and technology packs. Tune in to find out if your video pitch was one of those reviewed. Also Mark’s tips on what to look for in a mentor…


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