TMBS Ep49 – James Kennedy & Tyson Koh

Building brands can be tough, but don’t worry TMBS has got you covered. James Kennedy has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet; Rolex, IWC and Bang & Olufsen to name a few and has returned to TMBS to share some of his insights. Tyson Koh also joins the show to share…

TMBS Ep48 – Ned Moorfield

A David and Goliath story this week! Ned Moorfield, the CEO and co-founder of ridesharing service, GoCatch tells TMBS how to compete with an 800 pound gorilla (Uber in Ned’s case). MB also probes Ned for his insights on marketplace models, creating a point of difference and raising millions in funding from all tiers of…

TMBS Ep47 – Gen George, Jane Lu & Georgia Woodyard

Two Georges and one estrogen packed show this week! Gen George, Jane Lu and  Georgia Woodyard join to talk about women in business and a woman in business (the café business that is). If you’re a woman in business and not already a member, check out Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine and if you’re in…

TMBS Ep46 – David Vitek

Marketplace models can attract big valuations, but still need careful thought before jumping in. David Vitek, co-founder and CEO of Hipages, knows all too well the challenges of being an intermediary and shares insights on how to build value for both your customers and investors.

TMBS Ep45 – Jules Lund, Grant Williams, Joe Hockey, Ange Postecoglou & Todd Sampson

With all the great talent we’ve had over the past 12 months, we just had to go back and do a ‘Best Of’. Pure gold from; Jules Lund, Grant Williams, Joe Hockey, Ange Postecoglou and Todd Sampson. Hope you all enjoy!

TMBS Ep44 – Dave Reilly, Mike Beircuck, Tiffany Murray & Taryn Williams

Quantum physics is pretty straight forward when Dave Reilly and Mike Beircuck explain it. Well sort of. Some seriously cool real world applications and a glimpse of the future. Also, another couple of great start-ups – Tiffany Murray from Dressed for Sale and Taryn Williams from pitch it up!

TMBS Ep43 – Guillaume Brahimi

Want some insights on the restaurant industry? We’ve got you covered – master chef, mogul, TV star, author and all round legend, Guillaume Brahimi, stops by this week to share his tips for first timers and what it takes to rise to the top.

TMBS Ep42 – Lisa McGuigan & Trent Innes

Don’t think, drink! Wild child Lisa McGuigan joins the panel to discuss all things vino – how to bottle it, how to sell it and of course how to drink it! We then cut over to the new Managing Director of Xero ,Trent Innes to discuss the business’s meteoric rise and their value proposition to…

TMBS Ep41 – Fan's Show

Damn we’ve got some cool fans, beer brewers, legal eagles and ‘bungey pumpers’, to name a few. The first ever dedicated fan’s show today, was seriously interesting, listening to what you guys are into direct from you – keep up the good work team!

TMBS Ep40 – Matt Drummond & Trevor Powell

Lookin’ good ain’t easy… GQ Australia’s Editor, Matt Drummond weighs in on the Australian news psyche and shares plans for GQ’s push into the business sector. Winner of the Morton Bay Innovation Awards, Trevor Powell also joins to discuss solar energy and his exciting new invention.


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