Tune in for Mark’s advice to entrepreneurs about how to balance passion with preparedness.

What about those days you struggle to get motivated? Even Mark has them. Hear his advice about how to get on with the job.

Mark shares his view on the decision by the big 4 banks to increase interest rates for investors.

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Mark invited Kate Dillon from She Lion handbags pitch for Eagle’s Nest. Tune in for his advice on breaking into this competitive market.

Does creativity really lead to innovation? Plus more of your questions answered by Mark.

See Kate’s pitch below and Mark’s feedback:

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After reviewing this week’s most important economic data, Mark gave his insight into the Greece crisis and its implications for us in Australia. Tune in to hear his solution.

Hear his advice as he reviews the latest video pitches, for the Eagle’s Nest program.

Check out this weeks pitches here below:

Roger Sciberras – Gallantoro

Alex Brownbill – Voyage Financial

Maria Simonelli

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On Mark’s latest podcast, he has an in depth interview with Pilot Captain Richard De Crespigny. Captain De Crespigny saved the lives of 469 people, safely landing a Qantas A380, after an engine exploded four minutes after take-off.

The Captain shares his insights into crisis management, leadership, neuroscience and how robots will impact employment in the next 20 years.

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Mark launched Eagle’s Nest, his own exciting program to encourage and support start ups and entrepreneurs. The first two guests Ed Cowan of Tripod Coffee and Salome Borg from Boom Payband, met Mark in the studio, pitched their brands and received invaluable advice.

Mark gives you his take on the financial crisis in Greece and whether it will impact Australia. Mark answers more questions about time management and gives his opinion about setting goals.

See Ed’s pitch below for Tripod Coffee:

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An exciting announcement on the show this week for episode 12. Mark is launching Eagle’s Nest, a program to support and encourage entrepreneurs, offering a cash prize and technology packs. Tune in to find out if your video pitch was one of those reviewed. Also Mark’s tips on what to look for in a mentor and one his most influential films.

Here are the top pitches we review this week:

  1. Apolon Ivankovic – Torq software
  2. Salome Borg- Boom Payband
  3. Maria Demasi – Children’s author
  4. Chantal Hryniewski, Magnus Collective

Check out Salome here for an example of a great pitch:

Draft BoomPayBand Invite from Bec Davis TV on Vimeo.

We’ll be getting Salome into the studio soon to pitch to Mark in person so keep an eye on our podcast for updates.

We had so much to get through this week we didn’t manage to get any questions to Mark for the ASK MARK section but please do continue to send it your questions and we’ll get them to him as and when we can.

Send your questions for next week via Twitter – #ASKMARKBOURIS via @MARKBOURIS

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Episode 9 already and Mark Bouris is giving his thoughts on the reasons behind the RBA’s decision not to change interest rates as a result of lower commodity prices and improved household spending. How do these decisions impact the Australian public and what should you be considering when thinking about your next investment?

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We’ve reached episode 8 of our podcast already and it’s thanks to your fantastic support so please keep on listening and subscribing. In this weeks episode we recap on our interview with Bruce Billson as well as reviewing a number of video pitches which Mark has received via YouTube.

Here are the 5 pitches we review this week:

1. Book Launch for Keynote Speaking

2. Online Teaching Program

3. Hand Moisturiser for Men

4. 3D SLIDA Puzzle

5. Animal Awareness System

Find out which pitches Mark invites into the studio to present his idea and which entrepreneur makes the mistake of not displaying his product effectively.

You also get the chance each week to send your questions through to Mark, here are this weeks:

I’m starting a crowd funding website, any tips to get ahead? I’m starting an online business but I’m scared to quit my job, any tips?

Listen out for Mark’s top tips for balancing risk whilst putting time into business.

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