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TMBS Ep20 – Eagle's Nest

Mark reviews your latest pitches for Eagle’s Nest. Listen to his views about whether working long hours is productive. Mark also reacts to claims we should ignore some feedback. Download this episode here

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TMBS Ep19 – Todd Sampson

Tune is as Mark invites advertising guru and adventurer Todd Sampson to recount his fascinating journey, retraining his brain. Hear Todd how embraces his fear to overcome incredible physical feats and how this can be applied in business. Also on the show, an insight into how social media is being used to advertise. Download this…

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The Mark Bouris Show – EP 17

Tune in for Mark’s advice to entrepreneurs about how to balance passion with preparedness. What about those days you struggle to get motivated? Even Mark has them. Hear his advice about how to get on with the job. Mark shares his view on the decision by the big 4 banks to increase interest rates for…

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